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Q: Do you sell alcohol?

TravelBar SERVES liquor, but most of the time we do not sell it (exception being concerts, festivals, or markets). 

Due to current liquor laws in BC, selling alcohol from TravelBar can be a little tricky. However, with a Special Event Permit from the LCRB, the person hosting the event can purchase alcohol for us to dispense from TravelBar.

You can even sell the alcohol via your own ticket system if you wish, or have us manage that for your event. 

We have a fully operational Point of Sale System so we can even take Debit/Credit @ the bar!

For more info on this please contact us!

Q: How do I get a Special Event Permit?

You can go online and apply for a Special Event Permit via

If you'd rather not deal with all of the red tape or don't have a Serving It Right Certificate, we can also purchase the Special Event Permit for your event ourselves for a small fee! 

Q: What is a Serving It Right Certificate?

A SIR Certificate is required for anyone serving alcohol or anyone hosting an event that serves alcohol in BC. So, if you want to purchase the Special Event Permit, you also need a SIR Certificate. All bartenders at TravelBar have a valid SIR Certificate and Food Safe Training. 

Q: What are your technical requirements?

TravelBar requires two dedicated 15A circuits with standard 110v plugs to power up the entire system. A municipal water supply is always helpful too. If your event venue or home isn't equipped for that kind of power output we also have generator rentals available. 

Q: Do you really go anywhere on the Island?

Almost! The only places our mobile bartending service can't go are west coast communities such as Tofino or Port Renfrew (due to the rough roads) or extremely rural, mountain-road locations.

We only ask for $3 per kilometer (one way) to get to wherever you are. 

We can also service The Gulf Islands and the Western Mainland!

Q: Do you need a deposit?

We require a 50% deposit for all events at the time of booking, and full payment due at least 7 days after the booking date. If your event is less than 30 days before the booking date, we require the the full payment before we can book you. 

Q: How much space do you need?

Our TravelBars are approx 22ft. long and 12 ft. wide (with all of the windows up). So, we need quite a bit of space! We also need adequate space to do the parking of TravelBar as well. If you're unsure about whether or not your property will work, we can always come and check out the venue prior to booking.

Q: What kind of drinks can you make? What kind of kegged beer?

The staff at TravelBar can make pretty much anything you want! We will consult with you before the event to see what alcohol requirements you may have and go from there. As far as kegged beer goes, we have relationships with most island breweries and can get you almost anything you want - within reason.  

Q: How will we know what to buy?

We will consult with you prior to the event and come up with a detailed cocktail, beer, spirits, and cider menu for your event. After that we will put together a full liquor order for you.

Q: Can you purchase the alcohol for us?

It all depends on who purchases the Special Event Permit. If we purchase the permit, then we can buy the alcohol. If you purchased the permit, we can still go get it for you, but it'll have to go on your credit card at the time of purchase. Either way, we do charge a $100 fee to pick up the alcohol and an additional $50 for keg pickups/storage. You are responsible for returning any extra unopened alcohol. We manage keg returns.

Q: What about drink mix, garnishes and ice?

We provide ice, basic garnish, and all drink mixes as part of all our packages, and we carry most non alcoholic drink mixes, most of which is unlimited. We will consult with you and recommend any extra drink mixes and garnishes as per your cocktail needs. 

Q: Can I Hire Bartenders for My Indoor Event?

Absolutely! We have bartenders that can be hired without one of our trailers for smaller events that already have their own bar setup. 

We also have a smaller, pop-up bar available for rent!

Q: Are You Insured? Do I need Insurance?

TravelBar is fully insured for all kinds of events, especially those that serve liquor.

While it is important to insure yourself against any accidents, we can easily connect our insurance to a venue's (or your own) policy.

Still have more Questions?

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